First Time With 7 Minute Frosting…huh

7 minute frosting

Well, here’s the thing. I know everyone is always talking about 7 minute frosting but honestly? I had never tried it until recently and I have to say I am a little torn about it.

I loved the way it looked on the cake, it was so pretty I didn’t even want to cut into it. But alas, I did. It was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted. I loved the texture, the flavor, everything about it.

That is exactly why I was so disappointed when I got up the next day looking forward to a thick slice of cake with milk for breakfast. What did I see? Well, actually it looked fine, but when I cut into it it was crumbly. It had hardened like meringue. It was all sugary and gross. All the smoothness was gone gone gone!

This leads me to my question, do any of you know how to make an icing like 7 minute but that stays soft? Or do they all just harden like that no matter what you do?

I would really like to find an alternative that stays taking good and keeps the smooth texture. Any tips would be appreciated, just comment in the comment section below.

Thanks guys!

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