Unbeatable Easy Cupcakes – Variations of.

Lemon Cupcakes, easy to make all in one mixture. light and delicious
So pretty and tasty too

got a call last week from a friend asking if I could make 24 cupcakes for a children’s party as she had run into difficulties – apparently her boss needed her to work the morning of her nephews party and she had promised the cupcakes to her sister. I said it would not be a problem and I could do them in the morning of the party and she could pick them up on her way there.

I decided to do lemon cupcakes: For 24 you will need

250 gm flour; butter; sugar and 4 eggs. Juice and grated rind of a lemon

Beat all the above together with a small amount of yoghurt added to make the mixture a smooth dropping (not runny) consistency.

I add the lemon rind at the beginning and the juice towards the end of the mix.

Put into cup – I use a 5mm ice cream scoop, far less messy and more even than spoons. Bake 180 for 20-25mins.

Let cool, then you can use a cake comer to take out the middle

I then decorated the top with whipped fresh cream and lemon sprinkles as requested by my friend. I normally top with 7 minute frosting making miniature Lemon Meringues.

Apparently the kids and moms really enjoyed them and my friend admitted I had made them…I now have orders for two more parties….Go me!!

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